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Subsidised 'Come and Try' day for women and men

  • 20 Nov 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Phillip Island Race Circuit


  • Driver, if approved for a subsidy, will be reimbursed $120 after the event.
    Driver must pay Motorsport Australia (MA) full fee initially by registering and paying on the (MA) portal
  • If approved for a subsidy, participant will be reimbursed $120 after the event.
    The driver must register on the Motorsport Australia (MA) portal and pay the full fee initially


Subsidised 'Come and Try Day' for women and men 

Saturday 20th November 2021 at Phillip Island Circuit



BMWCCV is offering 20 highly subsidized places at an incredible discount of $120 off the advertised entry cost.   

IF SELECTED for a BMWCCV SUBSIDY for the 'Come and Try' day, you will:

  • Need to pay the MSCA advertised fee upfront of $195 (women & juniors) or $245 (men) 
  • Be reimbursed $120 AFTER ATTENDING the day by BMWCCV via bank direct deposit

Full fee paying (non-subsidised) members, family and friends are welcome to attend too.

BMWCCV is participating in this event organised by the Marque Sports Car Association of Vic (MSCA).  The governing body for motorsports is Motorsports Australia who control the safety and licencing for track events.  The BMWCCV and the MSCA are affiliated clubs of Motorsport Australia.

This event is highly recommended for ALL BMWCCV members who have NOT had ANY previous motorsport sprint experience

  • Normal roadworthy cars are acceptable, does not have to be a BMW
  • An introductory Motorsport Australia licence will be processed as part of the entry
  • Fire extinguishers are NOT required on this training event
  • Helmets - club has some to borrow, apply early
  • Entrants must be able to drive a car - this is NOT a learn to drive course 
  • Prior attendance at Performance Driver Training is fine but entrants must not have participated previously in timed sprints. 

For all other requirements and conditions, please refer to the Supplementary Regulations on the Motorsport Australia portal.


To register for a BMWCCV subsidy and pay for the event is a multi- part registration process:

  1. STEP 1  First register on this BMWCCV events site and apply for the subsidy.  You will be sent an email advising that we've received your subsidy application for consideration against the selection criteria.  If successful, you'll be sent an email advising you of your successful application.

  2. STEP 2  If you have NOT registered for any Motorsport Australia track events before, you will need to complete some profile questions and will be emailed a Motorsport Australia login and password. If you need one, Click here to register a new Motorsport Australia profile.

    When you have a Motorsport Australian login, you can register for this MSCA 'Come and Try' event at step 3.

  3. STEP 3   Go to the Motorsport Australia site again and login to your Motorsport Australia dashboard, click the green button 'Go to Event Entry', click the orange button 'Quick Enter Now', select the event in the drop down box ' November 2021, MSCA All Come and Try Day Phillip Island 20/11/21' then Confirm and Pay.  


Upfront payment of $195 for Women and Juniors, reduced to $75 post event if approved for BMWCCV subidy

Upfront payment of $245 for male Club members, reduced to $125 post event if BMWCCV subsidised

Priority for subsidies will align with the Victorian Government grant requirements.

If you need to borrow a helmet for the day BMWCCV has a limited number available. Please contact David Lumb to make arrangements PRIOR to the event.

Grant funding:

The subsidised Come and Try Day is supported by the Victorian Government. 

The MSCA is the event host and BMWCCV are supporters of this event.

For further information:

Contact Sheryl Lumb (0408 031 999) or

Motorsport/Driver Training Captain David Lumb (0409 535 727) 

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